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New Construction Window Cleaning In Islamorada, Florida Keys

We received a call from the home owner to come out and give an estimate for residential, interior and exterior window cleaning in Islamorada. The homeowner had just finished a complete home renovation including new windows and doors. Taking this into consideration we offered our new construction window cleaning service for both interior and exterior windows and doors. This is our most thorough window cleaning service that includes removal of all stickers, paint overspray, silicone, or concrete/stucco splatter that may have occurred during construction/remodel. This ensures the best possible outcome for a window cleaning service after new construction. The homeowner quickly approved our estimate and we got the job on the schedule.

When we arrived at the home we tackled the interior windows and doors first. We were able to clean the interior windows to a spotless condition with our proprietary window cleaning solution, necessary tools to remove stickers, paint and silicone, then squeegeed dry. We even cleaned the mirrors in every bathroom. We then moved to the exterior windows, starting at the highest windows working our way down. We used our multi-stage filtration system combined with a water fed pole that provides water with zero impurities to ensure a spot free scrub and rinse. We test the water after it’s been filtered with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to ensure purity. There are 3 stages of purification including carbon, RO (reverse osmosis), and DI, deionization. The filtered water runs straight from the filters to the jets in our boars hair brush head on our carbon fiber telescoping water fed pole. This allows us to access hard to reach windows over 30 ft high without a ladder and still provide a spot free cleaning. With the interior and exterior windows and doors cleaned to a spot free, like-new condition, High Tide Window Cleaning was able to satisfy another happy customer in the Florida Keys.

  • Services: Window Cleaning
  • Location: Islamorada, FL
  • Budget: $700
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    Products Used

    Xero Products, Unger Enterprises, Tucker Pole Systems, Moerman Tools, Maykker Products, Ettore Products Company