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Window Screen Cleaning in the Florida Keys

Window Screen Cleaning in the Florida Keys

Our customer called us for an exterior window cleaning service in Tavernier, we informed them that we can clean interior and exterior windows, and window screens. Once the estimate was approved, we quickly scheduled a day for the cleaning service that suited the customer.

We showed up, collected all of the window screens, coated them down with a cleaning solution and processed the screens through our Xero Products Window Screen Cleaner. Jets of water continuously soak the screen while simultaneously being ran back and fourth between a two sided bristle brush leaving behind a perfectly clean window screen. We set the screens aside to dry out before installation.

While waiting for the screens to dry we set up the Xero Products multistage filtration system and telescopic carbon fiber water-fed brush system. Once we tested the water quality with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter from the brush head to ensure purity, we were ready to get started on the spot free exterior window cleaning.

We used our telescopic carbon fiber water-fed pole and purified water system to clean the exterior windows from the ground, being able to reach windows on the third story without a ladder. Not only does this help with safety issues on the job, the equipment we utilize allows us to be more efficient than our competitors.

After completing the exterior window cleaning service, we then installed all of the clean window screens once the windows and screens were completely dry.

Completing this final task we were able to leave another High Tide Window Cleaning customer with crystal clear windows and clean window screens.

Budget: $450

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Products Used

Xero Products, Xero Window Screen Cleaner, Unger Enterprises, Ettore Products Company, Tucker Pole Systems, Moerman Tools, Maykker Products